For Authors

No one needs to sell you on the power of words. Of course you want your manuscript to be noticed for its beautiful prose and compelling storyline—not for a misplaced comma or poorly-structured sentence. Whether you are self-publishing your novel or seeking a traditional publisher, the manuscript you put in front of agents, editors and readers should be a polished one.

At RocketDog editorial, you are hiring an experienced editor who understands both sides of the publishing world. I hold an MSJ from the Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University, a BA in English from Wittenberg University, and am a graduate of the Denver Publishing Institute. With more than twenty years of professional editing experience, I am also an author currently at work on my third novel.


  • Basic proofread of your novel (includes spelling, punctuation and grammatical fixes).
  • Basic proofread of your query letter, first pages, or synopsis.
  • Consulting Services (I will customize services to include any of the following: basic proofreading, developmental editing, or feedback on first pages, query letters, and synopses).