Everyone needs a best friend. And every writer needs a good editor.

Like a best friend, an editor is honest, supportive and careful with her words. Rest assured, I will be just as careful with yours. At RocketDog Editorial, my mission is to make your written materials—whether prepared for business, publishing, or personal use—look and sound their best.

For Businesses

You and your colleagues have a wealth of knowledge to share about your company, industry or product line. My specialty is helping you convey that information in a concise and compelling way.

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For Authors

Whether you are a beginning or seasoned author writing nonfiction or novels, consider RocketDog's proofreading, copyediting and consulting services for a fresh look at your current manuscript.

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What an Editor Does

Editors provide a range of services to individuals or companies wishing to communicate well across any medium. We scour your written materials with a critical eye looking at details such as:

  • punctuation and grammar
  • clarity of thought
  • length and readability
  • accuracy of facts

  • balanced reporting of ideas
  • writing style and voice
  • consistency
  • adherence to style guides

  • sourcing and attribution
  • content in relation to theme/plot
  • story and sentence structure

I have experience editing across many genres, including business, education, medical, health and fitness, automotive, outdoor recreation and fiction.